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Cable Assembly

Also known as:
Wire harness
Cable assembly
Wiring assembly
Wiring loom

Advantages of a cable harness assembly:

By binding wires and cables into a cable harness you can lessen adverse effects of abrasion, moisture and vibration.

The risk of shorts is reduced by good optimisation of space.

The installer of a cable harness only has to install one cable rather than a collection of loose wires and cables. Cutting down the overall installation time.

Bind wires in a flame-retardant sleeve lowers the risk of electrical fires.

ICS (Hereford) ltd as your cable harness manufacturer:

  • Simple wiring looms to complex cable harnesses, we can manufacture to the highest quality
  • We can cut wires on our Schleuniger and Kodera cut and strip machines
  • We use a wide range of crimping equipment to crimp and terminate wires including semi-automatic and fully automatic. Wires on an assembly can be crimped one end or both if required
  • Wire looms and cable assembly cores are prepared for termination with our extensive range of precision wire preparation equipment.
  • We have the equipment to twist wires in a wiring loom.
  • We terminate a variety of cable connector and crimp types by manufacturers like Molex, JST, HRS, Harwin, Tyco, Amp, Lear corporation and many more.
  • All cable harness assemblies are 100% functionally tested
  • Full batch traceability. Crimping batch tests carried out and documented
  • Cable assembly Prototype and Pre-production samples produced.

If your requirement is for a custom cable harness assembly …

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