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  • We can manufacture multicore cable assemblies using a huge range of multicore cable in different sizes, dimensions, insulation and shielding.
  • Multicore cable manufacturers such as Belden, Alpha, Permanoid, Tyco Electronics, Lapp Kabel and Multicomp.
  • Twisted/multipair cable assembly.
  • Shielded and unshielded cable.
  • Cat 5e cable, Halogen free, flexible, armoured, automotive and more.
  • The soldering of multicore cable assemblies are carried out by a specialised workforce whose experience has gained them a wealth of knowledge in mechanical and manual techniques.
  • We have a range of crimping equipment to terminate Multicore cable assemblies when crimp is the preferred termination method.
  • Full batch traceability. Crimping batch tests carried out and documented.
  • 100% electrically tested
  • Prototype and pre-production samples produced

If your requirement is for multicore cable assembly …

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